Main features of suittest

The functional approach software test automation framework

Automate as many individual test cases as well as complete test plans, making it possible to build different Business Process Workflows easily and without technical programming knowledge. Simply by linking test components and indicating what the flow will do in each case. Get online, PDF or video evidence and inform your development teams of the result through native integration with multiple Lifecycle tools.

Record & Play

Allows recording the consultant's interaction with the application by recording all operations and test data used without programming knowledge.
Record & play also works for testing on mobile devices.

Cognitive Repair

Cognitive Repair is the functionality that detects objects that have undergone a change after a software update.

If during the execution of our automated tests, the objects have undergone a change, Cognitive Repair will try to auto-repair them so that the test continues to run correctly.

Cognitive Repair displays a comparison of the old object with the repaired object to validate the repair.


Keywords in suittest allow a set of operations to be grouped together in test components for reuse on demand.
They allow the reusability of repetitive processes. By applying the modification to a single keyword, all your tests will be updated.

Data Driven

Data Driven allows to load from Excel or create the input test data enriching the automation. Providing with varied datasets greater test coverage.


The scheduler allows you to define when to trigger the specific execution or periodicity of tests and suites. This function makes it possible to use the machine power available for 24/7.


Have at hand all the information of the data and statistics in graphical form of test cases, executions, keywords, users and all the tools that suittest contains.


We can view statistics on the performance of the selected test or application:

• Number of executions per day, per user and their status.
• Average times.